L'art tout contre la machine

International Conference. Program


Lecture: ‘Ecologies of the videosphere. Concerning ‘Roman National’ by Grégoire Beil’.


Presentation of the conference: ‘The technical industries help to format or standardize not only creative practices but also the way we can use them. What kind of practices would make it possible to develop what Ivan Illich calls a “convivial tool” based on the logic of diversion and reappropriation? In what way is art the place where this relationship of excrescence of technique on the hand, eye or voice that ensures its deployment can be reversed?

This conference will focus on the movements of laboratories or editing films – of which Jean-Luc Godard’s Histoire(s) du cinéma proposes a paradigm of the first order – which consider the question of the act of creation on a domestic scale. An ecology of creation, on which theology can shed important light, takes shape in these practices and invites us to pose in a new dynamic the possible vernacular relationships to film technique and tools.’