Desert Films: Towards a Geopoetics of the Cinematic Desert (2017)

Audiovisual essay on the geopoetic quality of a series of films located in the desert (geopoetics wants to “re-establish and enrich the bond Man-Earth for a long time broken,” says Kenneth White): in the gesture of going to the desert crystallizes a desire of the filmmaker to return to the expressive foundations of the cinematographic medium, seeking a sort of essence of cinematographic language, of a first origin – as Christian hermits sought, sheltering in the landscape of the paramo, a spiritual revelation.


Review in FilmScapel.

Listed as one of the best video essays of 2017, Sight & Sound Magazine.



Freedom (Sharunas Bartas, 2000)
Gerry (Gus Van Sant, 2002)
El Cant dels Ocells (Albert Serra, 2008)
La Région Centrale (Michael Snow, 1971)
Proximity (Inger Lise Hansen, 2006)
Cobra Mist (Emily Richardson, 2008)
BNSF (James Benning, 2013)
Fata Morgana (Werner Herzog, 1971)
Desert (Stan Brakhage, 1976)
Chott-el-Djerid: a portrait in light and heat (Bill Viola, 1979)