Do incels dream of computational capitalism?

Radical Film, Art and Digital Media for Societies in Turmoil

Chapitre « Do incels dream of computational capitalism?  »

Sous la direction de Ursula Böckler, Julia Lazarus et Alexandra Weltz Rombach

& publié par K-Verlag, Berlin, 2023.




Can radical film practices help to understand a disintegrating world? Can they have a healing effect? How can we maintain structures of solidarity in the field of radical media production for societies in turmoil and transition? And what does radical cultural practice look like in times like today, when everywhere we turn there seem to lurk even more acute challenges. In this collection, edited by members of the Berlin chapter of the International Radical Film Network, we investigate practices of audiovisual production that act on and struggle with the conditions of our time. The contributions were created by film practitioners, artists, activists, as well as academics and critics, who all share a commitment to experimentation and insist on a pluriversal rethinking of the image in radical film, art and digital media.



13 x 20 cm

504 pages

Publication à l’automne 2023